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DYNASTY STARTUP LEAGUE-Thoughts please (1 Viewer)


HEY, Please read my team and details and my roster. Please let me know who you think I should target to build my team around. Scoring tends to Favor QBs.  

10 Team 2 QB PPR DYNASTY LEAGUE.  We keep all players each year no limits and draft Rookies/FA. 

START 2 QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 1W/T, 1WR/RB, 1/WRT, 1K, 1DEF, 2 IDP any. 11 bench spots 2 IR spots.

All TD 6pts. 20 pass yard =1pt.  RUSH REC yards 1yd =1. KR/PR 15yrd = 1pt.  REC = 1pt all positions.  

Neg Points: -1 for taking a sack, -2 for INT.  0 for Fumble. But -2 for Fumble loss. 

All Bonus Tiers: +5pts. 

Passing: 300, 400, 500yd

REC 100, 200, 300yd 

RUSH 100,200, 250 

KRPR 150, 225, 275

Special DEF Points I won't get into.  

ALL TEAMS DID AUTODRAFT so we're all equally  screwed and it was after THURSDAY night game last week so missed week 1.   


QB D. Watson, R Wilson, M Trubisky, Mayfield

WR Lockett, Jeffery, RWoods, JROss, CKirk, DJ Moore, DeV Parker, D Pettis, 

RB: R Freeman, C. THompson, J Williams, Tev Coleman, D Henry, Chubb, Ware,   D.Guice IR, 

TE: Eifert, HuntHenry PUP-R, 

DEF: Jacksonville, NE 

K, Butker, 

IDP: Kuechly, M. Lattimore (I usually go with a guy that gets lots of tackles or is also KR/PR. 

....Target Players I like per dynasty Rankings in various order for varied value.  Obvious you got after top tier elite or projected players there. 

QBs: Garappulo, Mahomes, Darnold, 

RB. S. Barkley, J Mixon, A Kamara, L.Bell, Ekeler, D Johnson, K.Hunt,  Gurley, D Cook , 

WR: M Evans, T Hill, B Cooks, DaVante Adams GB, DHopkins, OBJr, Theilen, JBrown, JuJu, Ridley, 

TE: Kelce, Ertz, OJ Howard, Hurst, Djoku, Burton, 

I'm trying to build a f_cking dynasty here. Some of the other owners might not consider a player's age or talent compared to their situation. I'm willing to eat turf as needed to make it rain for a few seasons in a row.  Bell is attractive sitting out to have discount on elite talent.  Barkley is a rare talent apparently. Kamara is great in PPR. Those other RBs seems solid. Mixon is lower end Top 10 or so.   I kind of try to target outside looking in with talent to be top 5 even if situation isn't always ideal. This way I'm not paying quite as much of a premium. I think the upside of my roster will allow players to increase in value and trade away fro picks etc as needed. 

If I trade away a QB or picks I'm confident enough in my ability to acquire talent to find someone to fill a hole. BUT my goal would be to acquire elite QBRB/WR/TE talent to build around and be as deep as possible. not just overbalanced in one area and weak at others. SO who is worth going after or waiting for. Thanks in advance and let me know how I can help you. 


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