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Dynasty switch to fleaflicker.com? (1 Viewer)


Hi Folks,

Our dynasty league is debating a switch from CBS to fleaflicker.com. We're tired of the CBS interface. Have you done this before? Did all stats and records migrate? There is a clear advantage to the layout and functionality but we're concerned about the loss of data.

TIA and happy thanksgiving.

i switched our dynasty league from yahoo to fleaflicker.com and didn't have many issues but not sure what you might encounter going from CBS to fleaflicker.com

I just tried to create a test league to get a feel for it, 500 internal server errors every time I try.

Will check back later at some point, but I like that it does all the major pro sports under one roof and has keeper options. Excited to see what the rest of the site is like once it's live.

I really like Fleaflicker but I don't do dynasty. If you email the staff they may help import your league data.

The site had some server problems last night and this morning. That was the first time all season this happened. I guess the playoffs overloaded the servers a bit.


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