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Dynasty Team Opening *Drafting soon (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone... I have a team open in the $50 ppr dynasty league I run

Bradford, Sam STL QB
Stafford, Matthew DET QB

Brown, Ronnie SDC RB
Hillis, Peyton FA RB
Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB
McCoy, LeSean PHI RB
Redman, Isaac PIT RB
Ringer, Javon FA RB
Turbin, Robert SEA RB
Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB

Caldwell, Andre DEN WR
Cribbs, Josh OAK WR
Jones, James GBP WR
Roberts, Andre ARI WR
Wayne, Reggie IND WR
Young, Titus FA WR

Hernandez, Aaron NEP TE
Keller, Dustin MIA TE
Olsen, Greg CAR TE

Bailey, Dan DAL PK
Bironas, Rob TEN PK

Bears, Chicago CHI Def

Draft Picks
Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.06
Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.12
Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.06
Year 2013 Draft Pick 4.06
Year 2013 Draft Pick 5.06

Total Starters: 10
Number of Starting QBs: 1
Number of Starting RBs: 2-3
Number of Starting WRs: 3-4
Number of Starting TEs: 1-2
Number of Starting PKs: 1
Number of Starting Defs: 1


Rules for QB, RB, WR, TE, PK
Number of Passing TDs 4 points each
Passing Yards .05 point for every 1
Pass Interceptions Thrown -1 point each
Passing 2 Pointers 2 points each
Number of Rushing TDs 6 points each
Rushing Yards .10 point for every 1
Rushing 2 Pointers 2 points each
Number of Receiving TDs 6 points each
Receiving Yards .10 point for every 1
Receptions 1 point each
Receiving 2 Pointers 2 points each
Number of Field Goals Made 3 points each
Length of Field Goal Made .1 points for 31, and then .1 point for every 1 thereafter
Extra Points 1 point each
Punt Return Yards 1 point for every 10
Kickoff Return Yards 1 point for every 10
Fumbles Lost (to Opponent) -1 point each
Number of Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs 6 points each
Safeties 2 points each
Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs 6 points each

Rules for Def
Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 2 points each
Interceptions Caught 2 points each
Sacked a QB 1 point each
Safeties 2 points each
Total Points Allowed 0-0 12
Total Points Allowed 1-6 10
Total Points Allowed 7-13 6
Total Points Allowed 14-20 4
Total Points Allowed 21-27 0
Total Points Allowed 28-34 -2
Total Points Allowed 35-99 -3
Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs 6 points each

You can check out the league here:


Sorry, someone from one of the other leagues I am in took it. Thank you for the interest. I am disappointed, could always use more Denver folks and bronco fans :)

I was checking this forum regularly... until the 20th. Figures, you'd post this then! Like Denver724 (but probably not quite to his extent but) another Broncos fan ever since I attended high school in Denver and sold sodas at games in Mile High the year Craig Morton and the Orange Crush lost the big one to Dallas.


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