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Dynasty trade 3/16/2006 (1 Viewer)


.5 ppr, 16 team league, 35 roster spots, deep league.

Team A gave up:

Warner, Kurt ARI QB

Moore, Mewelde MIN RB

Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB

Ward, Hines PIT WR

Team B gave up:

Johnson, Brad MIN QB

Betts, Ladell WAS RB

Dunn, Warrick ATL RB

Jackson, Steven STL RB

Smith, Steve CAR WR

Which side do you like and why?

Team A is a flipin idiot
:yes: although this is far from the worst trade we've seen.Figure, the Warner to Johnson drop is big, but only matters really if he'd start.

Moore might still start I suppose, but it's doubtful. Certainly worth more than Betts, unless he has Portis, then it might be close.

Warrick Dunn is underrated, and might be a decent upgrade for a year

Figure, SJax is probably around the #5-7 RB in a dynasty.

Smith is top 3 WR.

LT is #1 or arguably 2.

Hines Ward, IMO is right around #10-12.

So, #1 RB, #12 WR for #6 RB, #3 WR and Warrick Dunn.

I sure wouldn't give LT for this, but again, not the worst trade ever made.


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