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Dynasty: Trade Aaron Jones or look for a better offer? (UPDATED OFFERS) (1 Viewer)


14 Team Dynasty - NO PPR - Standard Scoring (Start 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 1te, 2flex, 1k, 1d/st)

Give: Aaron Jones

Get: Aiyuk and Mooney

I have plenty of running back depth. CMC, Henry, Chubb, and AJones all have the same bye week so barring injury AJones is on my pine. Other owner also has DK and AJBrown but won't deal them. Do I deal AJones for some extra WR depth seeing Hopkins isn't getting any younger ot look for a different trade partner?


#1. Aijuk, Mooney (may do Marvin Jones Jr or Ruggs instead), and 1st Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (probably somewhere in the 8-12 range)


Aaron Jones and 2nd Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (very late)

#2. Hurts, Julio Jones (maybe able to get DeVonta Smith instead) and 1st Round Rookie Pick (probably will wind up being 3-8 range)


Aaron Jones and Goff


Mahomes, Goff, Lock

CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones, Mixon, MDavis, Hunt

Hopkins, Godwin, Mims

Kelce, Goedart, Trautman



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I wouldn't trade a premium asset for two fair to middle ones. Maybe try going for a J.Jones vet and 1st year pick type deal. Still plently of time before the season starts. 



I am not moving Jones for that price.   I would be looking for some WR help, especially with the group of RBs you have.  But, since you only have to start 1 WR, you can be very picky and I am looking for a 1 to 1 deal of similar value.  Look at some teams that have RB problems and see if there is a WR that interests you.



Always look for more trade partners.  Taking the first offer isn't really a good way to go and this offer is lacking anyway.  




Aijuk, Mooney, and 1st Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (probably somewhere in the 8-12 range)


Aaron Jones and 2nd Round Rookie Pick in 2022 (very late)



I’m not seeing it. Jones is a very good player. I’d suggest letting the season start, you might need that RB depth. 

who are your current Wr? 



I am never a fan of trading top tier talent for mid-tier talent. Don't do it. 

To the contrary...I almost always trade draft capital for top tier talent. People in Dynasty leagues alway value picks higher than proven talent. Especially around draft day. It's weird to me. I haven't used a first round pick on a rookie in three years and have Kamara, Kelce and back to back championships to show for it. 👍



Thanks for talking me down.  I like Aijuk a great deal and trying to find another WR as Hopkins isn't getting younger.  Owner of Aijuk won't deal DK or AJ Brown in a deal for AJones (he also just lost Dobbins). Will keep shopping.

I put CMC, Henry, Chubb, and Jones up on the trade block to see what I could get and so far no offers.  I also have Mixon, who no one wants. Same is true for Mike Davis.  Might try and upgrade Goff as my backup QB.


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