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Dynasty trade advice (1 Viewer)


Parameters. 12 team league....scoring 1 pt/25 pass yds. or 10 rush/receive yds., 6pts ALL TDs, -2 pts all TOs, we also have long (50 yard + TDs) play bonuses as well as milestone (300 pass yards/100 rush/receive yards) bonuses of +3 points.....start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF. 6 teams make the playoffs, playoffs weeks 13-16.

Current roster....WILL NEED TO BE TRIMMED TO 20

Wilson, Garoppolo

Abdullah, Mixon, Howard, Michel, Ingram, Breida, Joe Williams, Carson, Guice(IR)

Fitzgerald, Coleman, Cooper, Doctson, Moncreif, Cobb, De Hopkins, Hogan, Washington, Enunwa

Gronk, Kelce



I'm thinking high time to move on from Gronk and Kelce on same roster while they still have decent value.  Was considering proposing a trade with this guy....

Carson Wentz PHI, Eli Manning NYG
Saquon Barkley NYG Alex Collins BAL Rex Burkhead NWE Isaiah Crowell NYJ Marshawn Lynch OAK C.J. Prosise SEA Terrance West NOR Spencer Ware KAN
Ted Ginn Jr. NOR Anthony Miller CHI Demaryius Thomas DEN Brandon Marshall SEA Terrelle Pryor NYJ
Greg Olsen CAR
Adam Vinatieri IND
Los Angeles Rams LAR
Pittsburgh Steelers PIT
Houston Texans HO

Was thinking my Wilson/Howard/Gronk or Kelce for his Wentz/Barkley/Miller.  Any thoughts?  IMO, tossup on Wilson/Wentz but gets me a bit younger.  Barkley>>Howard.  Gronk/Kelce>>>Miller but figure I need the kicker to get him to consider moving Barkley.

You can try it but I wouldn't do the deal if I were him.  Forget about who is better than who in the trade.  Look at his roster.  He'd be upgrading from Olsen who's pretty good to Gronk/Kelce who is better sure, but Olsen is no slouch.  And you want him to go down from Barkley/Collins to Collins/ Howard essentially making hist top RB Alex Collins.  There's just no way I'd do that.  The drop off from Barkley (especially in a Dynasty league) to  Howard just wouldn't be worth the smaller upgrade from Olsen to either Gronk or Kelce.

As I said, you can try.  The players involved aren't insulting.  But from his standpoint I just don't see how the trade makes sense.  

Yea if I were the counter party I'd reject it  that's not enough for the players you are trying to get.


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