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Dynasty Trade advice (1 Viewer)


Full PPR Zealot league

I was offered: Kupp, J Bentley (LB NE), B Dupree (LB TN), D Slay (CB)
I would send: J Cook, K Hunt, R Doubs, D Ethridge and my 1st in 2023 plus a 1st and 3rd in 2023 from a bottom feeder so those picks will be top 4 in all likelihood.

My Roster currently:

RB - Jacobs, A Jones, Hunt, Pollard, Allgeier, J Cook
WR - Jefferson, Hopkins, M Evans, DJ Moore, Doubs, Dotson, Agholor.
LB - Wagner, Vander Esch, J Smith, E Kendricks, T Edmunds, J bynes,
DB - Delpit, R Jenkins, K Hamilton, R McLeod, T Edmunds, Bradberry, E Murray.

My thoughts - I dont think I need the LB help, I dont want another CB on the same team as Bradberry and the picks are tough to give up. Adding Kupp would allow me to start Kupp, Jefferson, Hopkins, Evans weekly but not sure thats enough. Appreciate input. Maybe I counter with Dak and Cooper Rush, lose the LB and CB and add Josh Allen :).


This is basically a trade for Kupp. The other guys don't help you at all. Although Kupp is a stud I think this is a little too much for me to give up. I would stay put.

I might counter taking out one of the firsts (start with the better one) and either Cook or Doubs.

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