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Dynasty: Trade AJ Brown/Pollard for ARSB/Barkley (1 Viewer)


14 Team Dynasty - No PPR - Start 1qb/5flex (can not start more than 3 RBs and if you start 2 RBs you must start a TE)

Give: AJ Brown and Pollard
Get: AR St. Brown and Barkley

I am in the Championship and it looks like Pollard and Henry may not be available for me. I also have AJones banged up as well as Chubb who may not play.

Without trade my starting lineup would probably be (assuming Henry, Pollard and Chubb sit):
Mahomes, CMC, AJones, AJ Brown, Higgins, Kelce

With the trade I wouldn't have to worry about anyone sittng:
Mahomes, CMC, Barkley, ARSB, Higgins, Kelce

My team:
Mahomes, Goff
CMC, Henry, Chubb, AJones, Pollard, Hunt, ZKnight
AJ Brown, Higgins, Hollywood Brown, Dionte Johnson
Kelce, Kmet, Taysom Hill

Bigger picture for the dynasty future: Is it worth it to make the deal? Losing Pollard not a big deal depending on where he goes in FA. I still would have CMC, Barkley (where does he play next year), Henry, Chubb, and AJones at RB with ARSB and Higgins at WR (which I really only need to start 1 if I start 3RB).

Pollard will likely play this week. However, I would still take the Barkley side.

Please help:

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