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Dynasty Trade assistance/feedback (1 Viewer)


Would you trade Melvin Gordon for Fournette, Doug Baldwin and two mid/late 2nd round 2019 picks?

Current RBs: Tarik Cohen, David Johnson, Mixon, Ballage, Justin Jackson, John Kelly, Spencer Ware, Chase Edmonds

Current WRs: Mike Thomas, JuJu, Sterling Shepard, Christian Kirk, Josh Gordon, Dede Westbrook, DaeSean Hamilton.

Currently only have the 24th pick as my first pick in 2019 draft.

Thanks for any feedback. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.

Nope. While Fournette and Gordon are both brittle, Fournette doesn't look like he'll ever play a full season. Baldwin is on the decline and this draft class isn't the best.

Are there any salary cap implications or keeper restrictions (available years kept) associated with any of the players?

If there are not restrictions and just looking at players alone I would rather keep Gordon. 

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