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Dynasty Trade Burton+S Lee+ 20 3rd = Olson + Anzalone + 19 2nd (1 Viewer)


Dynasty Trade

Burton+S Lee+ 20 3rd = Olson + Anzalone + 19 2nd

16 team Dyanasty Lg.  On the D side we play 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 flex.  My currently LB's and TE's are as follows:

TE = Burton, Seals Jones, Vennett

LB's = Lee, Edmunds, Vernon, D. Davis (NO), J. Smith, Vigil, Bowman

I don't know much about Anzalone other than he's a second year player and is projected to start on the weak side in NO.  Long term I do like Burton as Olsen prob has 1 maybe 2 years left, however I am in win now mode and have Cam Newton so like Olsen for this year.  Lee is injury prone and probably one has one year left as well.  I'm leaning towards countering for a 1st rd pick.  What you guys and gals think?



The trade seems to be split regarding playing for now or the future.  Your are giving up a potential good TE and proven LB for an older proven TE and younger LB.    Doesn't seem consistent as far as team building direction.  It's not really playing for now or the future. 

Lee is stud when on the field.  He's just not on the field as much as you would like.  I really like Burton moving forward and still have some worries about Olsen's foot issue.  I am not a huge fan of Anzalone who has injury issues as well.

I stay put and keep Burton and Lee.  I don't like this trade for you.



Thank you.  Would a 1st round 2019 pick be enough to move the needle in my favor or at least even?  
I think Olsen is about done and am really worried about the injuries piling up.  I am also not a big believer in Anzalone so the players don't do much for me.  Getting a 1st would be better but I would much prefer to have Burton and Lee. 


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