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Dynasty .. trade Kittle for ?? (1 Viewer)




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Posted Wednesday at 11:24 AM

14 Team Dynasty Standard Scoring .. No PPR .. Start 1 qb, 5 flex (rb,wr,te) 1 k 1 d - If you start 2 or 3 RB (can't start 4+) you must start a TE

Trade Kittle for ?? Another owner needs a TE as he is starting RSJ or VMcDonald.  He starts 3 rb so has to start a TE and is interested in Kittle.  What would you ask for off his roster?

Do you ask for White, Carson, or RFreeman? Kamara and Chubb he will not deal in any package.

My team(1 - 2019 1st Round Rookie Pick; 2- 2019 2nd Round Rookie Picks):

Mahomes, Watson, Prescott

Bell, DJ, Freeman

Hopkins, KAllen, Thielen, AJ Green, JBrown, Hogan, Doctson

Kelce, Kittle

Tucker, Elliot

LA Rams, Denver

His team(1 - 2019 1st Round Rookie Pick; 1 - 2019 2nd Round Rookie Picks):

Winston, Rosen

Kamara, Chubb, White, Ekeler, Carson, Powell, RFreeman, Wilkins, Mostert

Kirk, Shepherd, Cobb, Sutton

VMcDonald, RSJ


Balt, LA Chargers

Help me and I will help you!!



Depends on if you want a piece mostly for your future (RFreeman) or for right now (White).  He could also you some help at WR and you have some WR depth you could part with.  Maybe Kittle & Brown for White and RFreeman?



Having McDonald means they won't be too desperate. If I were you I'd be ok hanging onto Kittle but if you want to try and make a move I'd ask for McDonald and James White, they might balk at White so then you can counter with R Freeman instead of White. You'd keep a good back up TE and you gain a potential dynasty RB that they shouldn't mind giving up on and if you luck out and score White it helps you out this year.



He rejected Kittle for White with no response..could try Freeman or wonder if Sutton worth going after. I wonder if Den will trade Thomas making Sutton WR2 for Denver.



I would pass unless you got Chubb or White. Kittle is arguably worth a player of that caliber in dynasty. Royce Freeman is to little.


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