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Dynasty trade offer to get 1.05 (1 Viewer)


12 team, 1/2 PPR, Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE

Rookie/FA draft on Sunday 8/14.

So have a potential offer on the table. I give David Montgomery and George Kittle. I get 1.05 and Brandon Aiyuk.

How's the value? My perception is it is close and maybe with a slight overpay on my part. I was thinking of nabbing a WR at 1.05, hoping to get C Olave if he's there. I'll pick up a potential replacement RB with my 15th pick.

My team as it stands.
T Lance, D Watson
D Montgomery, K Herbert, M Sanders, AJ Dillon, Javonte Williams, C Paterson
Ja'Marr Chase, C Claypool, M Gallup, K Golladay, M Hardman
G Kittle, K Pitts, Logan Thomas

I keep going back and forth on this as I type; which I guess it means I think it's even. I do think you're giving up the most value, but I like Sanders/Dillon as your RB2 more than I like what you have as a WR2.
I would shop Kittle alone and see what kind of return you can get. I think Monty hurts you too much for what you get in return

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