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Dynasty Trade - Stafford, Barkley, M Thomas for Lawrence, Elliott, Metcalf (1 Viewer)


Dynasty league 12 teams...  Signing years cap.

Team A:  Gives Stafford, Barkley, M Thomas
Team B:  Gives Lawrence, Elliott, Metcalf

Rosters need to be 2 - 4 - 4 - 2 - 2 -2   (Q-R-W-T-K-D)... 16 minimum.  Starters 1-1-2-1-1F-1-1  .5 PPR

Team A has Henry, Mixon, Barkley, Gibson... thus I feel not an issue with getting Elliott.  Thomas is #6 WR on team based on projections, and Stafford will be up on contract next year, with Rodgers and Jones.  This part is a bit tough, but manageable as a WR could be traded for a QB.  Team saves 3 years of cap space which will go a long way.  Value wise I have advantage to team A.  



If I had any confidence in the upper management and ownership with the Jaguars, I would feel more confident in giving up Stafford, Barkley, and Thomas.  I don't see Stafford playing more than 2-3 more years tops.  The continued health and productivity of Barkley and Thomas are also concerning.  That being said, I like the long term value at QB and WR you are getting with Lawrence and Metcalf over Stafford and Thomas.  Elliott and Barkley probably wash each other out.



Thanks everyone...  I took out the QBs and just traded Barkley and Thomas for Elliott and Metcalf.  I felt more comfortable with this.  Based on my contracts, I can keep Stafford for this year and next.  My trust factor with Lawrence is a concern.  Also, with Barkley and Elliott, I am okay with either, since I do have Mixon, Henry and Gibson.  


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