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Dynasty Trade & Strategy - - Jefferson + Andrews + 2023 #3, for Pitts + Waddle + Late 2023 #1? (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR, 1 QB,  2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex

Trade Offer Received:

Jefferson + Andrews + 2023 #3, for

Pitts + Waddle + Late 2023 #1

Outstanding Dynasty Team Looking to Upgrade Post Rookie Draft -- Best Players:

QB - Herbert,

RB - McCaffrey, Javonte Williams, Dobbins,

WR -  Chase, Waddle, London, Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, Claypool

TE - Pitts, Gesicki

2023 Picks -- 3-#1 Picks, 2-#2 Picks, 2-#3 Picks

1) Should I take this trade?  (Dan Hindery's trade value chart rates this even, at 86 points each.)  

2) Other trades that come to mind?  (teams with Kupp and Taylor are not interested in trading them)

Love Jefferson personally... but after looking at your current WRs (including Chase), I think I stand pat.  From a dynasty perspective:

Pitts > Andrews

Jefferson > Waddle 

#1 > #3

I do like Waddle's upside and the #1 is a shot at another blue chip player

You have plenty of WR youth value that even with Jefferson being awesome, you don't need a WR upgrade. Pitts is too valuable at his position to look to trade him for a luxury upgrade. I own CMC and am trying to move him though, so maybe you could find a way to get some RB youth or additional players there if you can find the value.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input.  I decided to push for a win this year, since I have the best Dynasty Team by a significant margin.  I made the trade, and also traded Claypool + Mills + #3 for R Wilson + Foreman +#2.  I also traded a Mid/Late #1, #2, #3 for the likely overall #1.  FBG now rates my team #1 for 2022 by a very slight margin.  

Note we start 2-Flex players, so I can start 4-WRs / week, and I need to cover bye-weeks and injuries.  Andrews is rated ahead of Pitts for 2022.  

QB - Herbert, Wilson, Winston, Corral

RB - McCaffrey (+Foreman and Hubbard), Javonte Williams, Dobbins, + longer shot rookies

WR -  Chase, Jefferson, London, Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams,   + longer shot players

TE - Andrews, Gesicki + longer shot young players

D - Patriots, Steelers

Picks: 2-1s, 2-2s, 3, 4 -- both #1 picks are high, incl. the likely #1 overall.  

I was unable to trade Javonte Williams, G Wilson, J Williams for Najee Harris, Cee Dee Lamb (which would have given me the top three Dynasty WRs, and two of the top four RBs).  While a negative trade, the trade would have significantly boosted my 2022 roster.  


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