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Dynasty Trade (1 Viewer)



I am in a 12 team dynasty superflex (DEVY) league and my team is in rebuilding mode. I was offered Z Willson, J Williams AJ Dillon and for K Murray and a 2022 1st round rookie pick. 

Do I pull the trigger?

My team for the most part looks like this.......

QB = Murray, Burrow, A Dalton

RB = J Jacobs,  K Hunt, Z Moss, T Sermon, D Johnson, G Doakes

WR = J Jefferson, M Pittman, D Mims, T Patrick, Kadarius Toney, Dyami Brown, Dez Fitzpatrick, Cornell Powell, S Shephard, Cam Simms, A Tate, Colin Johnson

TE = H Hurst, H Bryant, I Thomas, C Herndon, J Sternberger


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