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Dynasty Trade? (1 Viewer)

Keith R

The Don
I was offered this trade - I would give up Josh Allen and Devin Singletary and receive Carson Wentz and Joe Mixon.

My current QBs are Allen, Herbert & Murrow

My current RBs are Kamara, Akers, Patterson, Singletary, Z Moss, James Robinson, Khalil Herbert, Kareem Hunt, David Johnson and Craig Reynolds.

Variable PPR scoring (.75 PPR for RB, 1 PPR for WR, 1.5 PPR for TE, QB or K), Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 flex.

Obviously, this would be a major downgrade at QB and a major upgrade at RB.  Unsure how much longer I can expect top tier production out of Mixon, but the thought of starting him, Kamara and Akers every week is tempting, as is the ability to start him in place of Kamara if a suspension is coming.

I also draft 2nd and was looking at drafting best player available in the 1st round (meaning an RB), as my WRs aren't bad (Metcalf, Chase, Hollywood Brown, Kirk, Jefferson, Hilton and Callaway).

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for answering mine.

I would do this trade. I think the upgrade from Singletary to Mixon is greater than the downgrade from Allen to a combination of Herbert and (assuming) Burrow in your starting line up weekly. 

Losing Allen really isn't that much of a downgrade because of who you will be replacing him with.  You still likely have top 5 production potential.  Mixon is a big get and should be good for the next couple of years.  

As for the draft, I wouldn't force a RB.  BPA means creating a combined draft board and taking the guy at the top of your list when it's your turn.  It very well could be a RB but that would mean you have Walker over all of the WR's in your evaluation.  If that's the case do it.  If it's not then take the WR you have ranked higher.  


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