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Dynasty Trade??? (1 Viewer)


Dynasty Trade Possibility
RB – ½ PPR
WR – 1 PPR
TE – 1.5 PPR

My Team (posting offense positions only – Start 1QB, 1-2RB, 2-4WR, 1-3TE (total of 6 RB/WR/TE):
QB – Tua (Yikes), D.Jones, Tyrod Taylor
RB – Allgeier, M.Carter, D.Henderson, Hunt, J’Ernest Johnson, Kamara, Mixon, J.Warren, R.White
WR – Gage, T.Hill, Diontae Johsnon, Tyler Johnson, Lamb, Terrace Marshall, I.McKenzie, S.Shepard, Waddle, Cedrick Wilson
TE – Brevin, Kelce, Waller

Other Team
QB – Brissett, Cousins, Murray, Ryan
RB -James Cook, Gainwell, J.Hill, Z.Moss, Swift, Z.White, Jamaal Williams, Jeff Wilson
WR – K.Allen, Austin III, Chark, Kupp, J.Landry, Lockett, Skyy Moore, T.Patrick, Deebo, DeVonta Smith, Sutton
TE - OJ Howard, D.Schultz

W/ my tenuous QB situation, thinking about offering:
= Tua, Kamara, Kelce
= Murray, Swift, D.Schultz

Fair? Unfair? If I’m asking too much, pivot to Cousins instead of Muray?



I have no problem with the trade offer, actually have the value on that side due to Kelce's value... but if I have Murray side, I am not taking it. I would not be interested with getting Kelce as I would be looking for getting younger.


This is a pretty terrible offer for dynasty unless you are in a win now and really, really need TE help. You get the better RB for dynasty (based on future worth) and that is the deal breaking aspect for me.

You can float and see what happens but if I am the other guy I am not remotely close to accepting because I am nowhere close to competing this year and this doesn't help me for the future at all.

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