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Dynasty .. traded for McCaffrey. Did I give up too much? (1 Viewer)


Normally I would ask before I made a trade, but if I didn't act fast on this one I felt the other owner may change his mind about dealing McCaffrey.

14 Team - No PPR - Standard Scoring (Start 1 qb, 1rb, 1 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, 1k, 1d)

Gave: DJohnson, Golladay, Kupp

Got: McCaffrey, CGodwin, Hines

My team now for the semifinals (starters in bold);

Mahomes, Watson

McCaffrey, Bell, Freeman, Ware JKelly, Hines

Hopkins, Thielen, KAllen, AJGreen, Godwin, DWestbrook

B, Kittle

Tucker, Lutz

LARams, Denver

I was very uneasy with starting DJohnson and to upgrade to McCaffrey I felt was worth it giving up my #5 and 6 wr in Golladay and Kupp (ACL scares me) even though they are youn.  I love Golladay, but you have to give to get and still having the WR I do I felt it worth the opportunity to try and win it all this year. I still have a young team overall and should contend next year as well.


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You reeceived the best palyer int he trade in CMC.  I think you did very well with this deal.   Arizona is a mess and I really don't see any way they can improve inthe short term...

I like the other side but it's close. This year and long term you got the better playing but I think DJ bounces back and I like Goloday and Kupp.  No PPR

I actually really like Cooper Kupp and Kenny Golloday. Although Kenny G has played much worse as the clear #1 without marvin jones and golden tate, I think he deserves a little bit of a break because of how bad the lions are playing. But CMC may be so good that he compensates for those guys. If you are already strong with receivers, then it's a good trade. If you have bad receivers, then it's a really close call (probably would avoid trade if your receiving core is weak) 

I think you did fine.  Kupp and Golladay are nice pieces but not difference makers.  CMC is much better than DJ now.  You had the WR depth to do this.


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