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Dynasty Value of Marlin Jackson (1 Viewer)


Looking at trading for Marlin Jackson - was advised that with the cover 2 played by Indy and the fact they need help at CB - he will start and will be a good FF player because of the scheme and his talent. He was one of the higher ranked CB's but the old theory of SS getting the most fantasy points makes me wonder about his value. It seems the last couple of years CB's have been putting up more pts more consistantly because of the defensive scheme and the rules changes = more tackles etc = more pts. So if this theory is correct - is Jackson someone you would want to pick up for your team? IDP sharks - start chewing. :popcorn:

the cover 2 defense does indeed help cb's fantasy numbers and (as an added bonus) there is a lot of talk of marlin jackson eventually becoming a safety in the nfl...so it could work out long-term as well

Marlin is my #1 darkhorse DB for '05. This guy has Dunta part II written all over him.1.) He plays in the Colts' cover-22.) He's a new member of the "pick-on-the-rookie-CB" club3.) Manning will have opposing teams throwing the ball 30+ times in the 2nd-Half of every game...imagine the gimmie tackles, INT's, and PD's


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