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Dynasty Value of Surprising Rookies (1 Viewer)


Each year, I am always interested to check on the trade value of rookies that start well and surpass expectations and their ADP from rookie drafts. It is one thing to move these new names up our dynasty rankings lists, but I would actually like to see what these players are being moved for in a dynasty format.

I think it is safe to say that each of these players are outperforming general expectations as well as their draft spot in rookie drafts from the spring. Johnson was a 1st rounder in nearly every league, (especially PPRs) and Avery was also a 1st rounder in many of the drafts I saw. The others fell to the 2nd or 3rd round in most cases.

RB: Johnson, Hightower, Slaton

WR: Royal, D Jackson, Avery

So, what are you giving or getting for these rooks in a dynasty?

Well in onre dynasty league I committed what has now turned out to be grand larceny about 4 weeks ago (right before his breakout) I traded Chris Perry (who was still starting at the time) for Donnie Avery. He was hurting for a RB3 and had Benson so wanted to shore up the situation.

About 3 weeks ago in another dynasty I traded Steve Smith and Tory Holt for Randy Moss and Desean Jackson. Not sure if that deal really gives much insight into Jackson's value - but based on name recognition alone he's in some good comapny.

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Avery is really going to get more and more expensive in Dynasty formats.

Everyone loves to get the Steve Smith type players from year 1, now is the chance.

Hardy WR for the Bills is great to get now that he has done nothing so far, but he can explode down the stretch


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