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Dynasty - Vincent Brown or Michael Floyd? (1 Viewer)


I'm currently weighing a trade offer to trade away Vincent Brown for Michael Floyd in a dynasty league and looking for some opinions on which is better to have for this year and long term.

Floyd: has all the measurables (size, speed, etc.), opportunity in a pass-heavy offense, but hasn't yet shown a lot. Won't be the #1 option with Fitz on the other side for at least 3-4 yrs, if ever.

Brown: all the hype for the second offseason in a row now, but smaller and keeps getting injured. But if he stays healthy could be the #1 option.

I'm leaning toward Floyd for the longer term, though I think Brown will put up better numbers in 2013, possibly by a long shot.

How can "hasn't shown a lot" be a negative on Floyd but then be completely ignored for Brown? We're saying Floyd didn't show a lot in his rookie year when he went for 45/562/2 on 85 targets but Brown did show a lot in his rookie year when he went for 19/329/2 on 40 targets only to follow up in 2012 with a whole season on IR?

I'd take Floyd just because I think he's a better natural talent and thus has better odds to hit stud status.

He has more blocking his path (Fitz) than does Brown in 2013, but both are going to be seeing someone else throwing them the ball in a couple of years and Brown may not be the best WR on his team either. Alexander and Allen are young enough and presumably talented enough to keep Brown jammed up for several seasons, though Alexander does have significant injury concerns and may not last.


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