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Dynasty - who is least valuable? (1 Viewer)


Need to clear a roster spot on my 12-Team Dynasty team. League is PPR.

So who is least valuable (assume dropping any one of these will not cause appreciable damage to my roster)?

Theo Riddick

Seth Roberts

Josh Reynolds

Cameron Meredith

Thanks in advanced, all!

Seth Roberts... unless he would ever crack your lineup aside from a bye week I would drop him. Reynolds and Meredith have potential upside. Riddick is a close second to cut but he's an RB and you never know when you may need to fill one in for a bye. RBs are a lot harder to find than WRs right? 

FYI... Roberts in currently a Free agent in my 12 team dynasty league with 20 active roster spots and 5 Taxi squad. No one is busting to claim him.

Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/771743-mid-1st-in-2020-for-cooper-dynasty/

Dropping any one of those guys will not cause appreciable damage to your roster.  They are all fringe guys that will likely never be every week starters.  I wouldn't have an issue with dropping any of them if I needed space.  I would rank them as:



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