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Dynasty WR cutdown (1 Viewer)


DYNASTY, 12 team PPR, I need to cut one of the following and not sure who it will be, seeking advice...

Claypool - talent is there, but is the QB, and has his role decreased due to Pickens?
Nico Collins - shows flashes, but is that team just too bad, and without a legit QB?
Gallup - I'd rather seen him on IR for 4 weeks, but need to make decision on him now. Like him in Dallas as the WR2 if/when healthy.

Which one of those 3 would you cut?

Keith R

The Don
If you can afford to play the long game, I drop Claypool. Gallup will be back soon and I like Collins' chances of developing with time, especially in future years. Claypool is trending downwards and there is little legit reason to hope for a resurgence.


With no other information provided I would drop Claypool of those three.

In order to answer more intelligently I would want to know what player are you keeping over Claypool (another position), what is each players keeper cost (round lost, salary, etc), and how long you can keep someone.


its dynasty, so I can keep them forever, there is no salary or pick loss. FWIW, I added Claypool as a FA after a couple weeks into 2020.
The WRs I am keeping are Olave, A Pierce, Lazard, Doubs, Renfrow, Juju, and 2 of the above. I like the long term potential of Doubs.
I might be able to trade whoever it is for a mid rd rookie/FA draft next year, or just throw them back into the FA pool this year.


i will wait until last moment to see who others cut, maybe there is some TE cut that i can FAAB on. But even if there is, still gotta cut someone to get to roster limit if I were to bid on a TE(say I cut Fant). Oh well, first year I have decisions to make. :-)

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