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Dynasty WR Draft Strategy question--do you ALWAYS draft talent first? (1 Viewer)


Here's the heart of the question--if there is a talented rookie WR available in your dynasty league draft but you already own the established #1 WR on that rookie's NFL team, do you draft the rookie?  The obvious examples from this year are:

1. Calvin Ridley (and say you owned Julio),

2. James Washington (and say you owned AB), etc.

So there is a talented rookie WR on the board, you think he is the best player available, but you also own the established stud WR on that same team.  Do you take that rookie or do you move on to your #2 option on the board for the sake of not "doubling up" roster spots on one team.  What says you?

(As an aside, RBs are easier IMO--my answer for RBs would be an easy "yes, draft the rookie RB even though you own the established starter" because RB careers are usually more abbreviated.)  WRs just seems harder for me, with more of an investment likely, time-wise. 

I go with my rankings (in my case, the combo of other people's rankings I trust ;)  ) regardless of the rest of my team. You can trade down the road if you don't like having 2 WRs on the same team but, hopefully, you have the WR with more value than the other WR you would’ve drafted just to avoid having 2 on the same team. 

Especially at WR, I have no isses at all owning two on one team.  Good offenses easily support multiple targets.

Last season I had A. Brown and Juju and didnt feel slighted.  If I’d had Diggs and Thielen I’d have been even happier.

A little nervous about guys like Washington who project to wr3 rather than 2.  I would probably aim elsewhere (Miller?) where I already own Juju and Antonio.  But in general, not an issue.

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I'd take the guy I like best. I actually drafted Ridley in a league I have Julio without really considering the fact I already had Julio. Now I look at it as having the potential successor to Julio - which means if I want I can feel a little bit better about riding Julio out until the end.

Draft talent first. I know what I need this year, but if better talent at a position I don't need falls, I will take said player. You can always trade later.

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Things change fast, go with talent.  Not to mention, who is drafting a rookie WR and expecting them to have good enough stats to lead you anywhere?


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