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Dyno Rebuild Review (1 Viewer)


Took over an orphan dynasty rebuild in a 12 team league.  1 QB / 1-3 RB / 2-5 WR / 1-3 TE  0.5 PPR but 1.0 PPR TE Premium 

Starting Roster / Assets :  1.01, 2.03, 3.01, 4.01, 5.01 Rookie Picks

QB:  D Carr & P Rivers

RB: C Hyde, M Brown, J Howard, P Lindsay

WR: Agholor, JJAW, AJ Brown, H Butler, Corey Davis, Hardman, M Jones, Lockett, Pittman, Snead, Stills, Zaccheaus

TE: J Cook

BEST ASSESTS:  AJ Brown & Rookie 1.01 pick

Through a series of 12 trades, I have rebuilt the roster (it took > 150 trade offers to get here). 

QB: Carson Wentz, Aaron Rodgers/Jordan Love

RB: Malcolm Brown, Nick Chubb, Hyde, Lindsay

WR: Agholor, Marq Brown, DJ Chark, Will Fuller, J Guyton, Van Jefferson, Lockett, Pittman, Tyrel Williams

TE: Jonnu Smith, TJ Hockenson

I also have 2 x 1sts & 3 x 2nds in 2022 Rookie Draft

OK... What else can I do?  Trying to get an RB2 updgrade has been a challenge.  I have offered the 2 x 2022 1sts for Ekeler or CEH without headway.  Nobody wants Lockett or Hollywood Brown



My advice hold tight and wait for the season to start. Somone is going to get hurt and some owners team is going to be bad. Use your picks to draft high upside guys and ride out the first few weeks of the season and see where you stand. Guys like Harris and surmom in the draft could be your #2 back. You also may be able to flip rodgers or wentz in season to a QB needy team. If you want to keep trading target RBs who may be over looked like chase edmonds, Jamal williams types.



I assume you have traded away your 2021 picks as part of the 12 deals you made to get you where you are now so you can't replenish in the draft for RB.  You had a long way to go to make this team competitive and while you have made strides you still are severely lacking at RB and WR.  You need another playable RB for sure and while you may have a few decent WR's you don't have a set in and forget type guy.

I agree with the idea of eying in season for trade possibilities as people get injuries and needs develop.  I would target players that get injured (but not too severely) that you can get cheaper than normal from a contender for something that will help them in season.  That is probably your best bet for team improvement.



Thank you both.  Yes, I traded away all my 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks.  We have a 2 part Rookie Draft.  Round 1-3 were 2 weeks ago.  Rounds 4-5 in mid-August.  I have the 4.01 and 4.04 so any "Surprise Camp Darlings"  are potential selections. My long term goal is to be "playoff worthy" in 2022 and challenge for the crown in 2023 and beyond.  

I think 2022 draft pool is expected to be stronger and deeper so I tried to build more picks (I have 5 picks in top 24).  

I agree, I see stud WR and quality RB2 as the primary needs.  My plan would be to flip ARodgers for younger talent, but expect that to be after injuries to other QB's drive the value.  Replacement QB2 if Wentz bombs is also needed. 

This team had so far to go to even be competitive (last year record was 1-13).  While it looks better on paper, the games will determine how far I have yet to go. 


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