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Eagles at Rams - SNF - Prime Time BDN (1 Viewer)

There is nothing very odd about rams disliking birds of prey, but this is no reason for holding it against large birds of prey that they carry off rams. And when the rams whisper among themselves, 'These birds of prey are evil, and does this not give us a right to say that whatever of the opposite of a bird of prey must be good?', there is nothing intrinsically wrong with such an argument - though the birds of prey will look somewhat quizzically and say, 'We have nothing against these good rams; in fact, we love them; nothing tastes better than a tender ram.


It's always so awkward when they do the whole Dungey and Harrison pretending to look at game film bit.
I take that PED using dirty cheap shot with a grain of salt. Dude always sounds so bitter whenever people talk negatively about the Patriots or not praising them enough. 

Rodney McLeod brought a Ski mask. Any D player that gets a Turnover will wear it. Kind of like the U's Turnover Chain

Oh great now Cox is hurt. I think every time an Eagle is hurt a shot should be taken. Every time Peters goes out for a series take a drink of beer. Every time RPO is mentioned take a sip. If the Eagles defense scores a TD chug the rest of your beer. We should be feeling really good by Halftime 

ugh...was at least hoping Goff would be the one lighting things up. This could be the GUrley show all night


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