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Eagles promote Heckert to GM (1 Viewer)


Don't mess with Texas
The same day Eagles vice president of personnel Tom Heckert Jr. was supposed to head to Minnesota for an interview, Philly stepped up for the block.FOXSports.com has learned that the Eagles signed Heckert to become the team's new general manager Monday. Heckert got a new deal with the promotion and some new duties along with his new job title. The 38-year-old Heckert had served as the team's head of personnel for the past few years and was the Vikings' top choice to head up its personnel department. But after the Vikings asked for permission to interview Heckert on Sunday night, the Birds stepped up in order to convince him to stay. Minnesota, however, was not left without an Eagles employee flying out to interview. FOXSports.com also learned that offensive coordinator Brad Childress flew to the Twin Cities on Monday afternoon and will be the first interview for Mike Tice's old job.Childress will also interview in Green Bay and Houston this week and possibly New Orleans. Heckert is considered one of the bright young football people in the NFL and has been a hot GM candidate the last two years. He joined the Eagles as the club's director of player personnel in May 2001, after a 10-year stint as a member of the Miami Dolphins player personnel department. He was then promoted to a vice-president position and now gets the coveted general manager's title.


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