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Eagles vs Colts 1pm EST (1 Viewer)

Glad that clement is playing.  Wentz has played with barely any of these skill guys today.  Matthews is kind of good in that way, at least giving wentz a guy he feels really comfortable with. 

That roughing my call was pretty weak
Honestly I'm not gonna complain about it. THat's a call Brady gets weekly now and if Wentz is getting that it means really good things for us. It's weak but if they are calling it for Brady and others you better call it for everyone who keep the laundry in your pocket 

That's a weak call both were going for the ball and it was under thrown. THat's a make up call for the roughing the passer there

did Chris Long really get burned by Luck on that Luck scramble  :bag: i could have swore my game was on slo-mo that play

A stop here and then a chance for at least 3 at the half and get the ball on the other side of the half would be appreciated here. 


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