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Eagles WR (1 Viewer)

Which Eagles WR would you prefer?

  • Kevin Curtis

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  • Desean Jackson

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  • Reggie Brown

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With Kevin Curtis returning this week, how would you rank them? I'm thinking more in terms of fantasy production, of course. Which WR is the one to own: Curtis, Brown, or Jackson?

I'm not sure how you guys can say this with such conviction. In the 2 full games (wks 4 & 5) R Brown played after returning, he had more targets, more receptions & more yards than Jackson. I don't see how throwing Curtis in the mix is going to do anything but hurt Jackson's production even more. Jackson would be at the bottom of my list out of those 3 as far as fantasy production assuming all 3 are healthy.

I'm not knocking Jackson, mind you. I'm an Eagles fan & I like him a lot going forward (beyond this year), but McNabb has been playing pitch & catch w/ Brown & Curtis for longer & it's going to be a dramatically different situation with all 3 of them on the field instead of just Jackson & a bunch of mediocre WRs (like it was when he was putting up nice numbers early this year).

Personally, I wouldn't want to have to rely on any of them as a weekly starter.

I'm interested in this too. I currently own Reggie Brown and when he played he did receive more targets and more rec than DeSean. BUT I'm kinda thinking everyone taleas a hit when Curtis comes back by simple math. Throw in Buckhalter/Westbrook and a couple of targets to LJSMith in the redzone and I think it will be a huge guessing game every week as to which Philly WR scores most.

A couple of weeks ago, Reid barely used D Jackson.. There's no telling how he will rotate these guys.. I think Jackson has the most talent, potential, but has suffered from concentration and route running lapses.. AT the same time, the guy gets close to 100 yds or more every time he plays full time, so its hard to believe he doesn't get more and more attention as the year goes on...

Jackson is still a rookie and plays like it at times. I think he is overrated here because of that great breakout game early, but Brown and Curtis were not playing. After Brown came back he took over the featured spot and when Curtis comes back those two will share the lions share of looks among WRs. Westrbook will actually help everyone because he makes that offense so much better--equals more offensive time of possession and more oportunities to score.

In the long run Jackson probably will be the best--but not now and not this season.

I'd rate it:




Somewhat on topic, does anyone else think that with these 3 healthy and Westbrook back that McNabb is a top-3 QB going forward?

The Eagles' team website lists Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson among the team's projected starters for Week 8 against Atlanta.

Fantasy spin: These team-released depth charts aren't always accurate, but this may be a hint that Reggie Brown has formally fallen behind Jackson on the depth chart at flanker and Curtis will immediately resume starting. Ideally, we'd still like to see something from Curtis before using him in a fantasy league.

Source: philadelphiaeagles.com

Reggie Brown-WR- Eagles Oct. 22 - 5:07 pm et

Reggie Brown (groin) was limited in Eagles practice Wednesday.

The Birds are coming off a bye, but that apparently didn't give Brown enough time to get 100%. He appears to have fallen to a third receiver with Kevin Curtis back and that will likely keep Brown's numbers inconsistent.

Source: philadelphiaeagles.com


The Eagles spread the ball around. Anyone could be the #1 receiver in any given week. It gets even messier when Westbrook is healthy, which he appears to be.


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