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Early 2024 First for Achane (1 Viewer)


So, as for Achane ... insane numbers in the games he has played (will come down to earth ... no one averages 12 ypc ... but could remain elite) ... but the injuries are scaring me, considering he is so small. If any "injury-proneness" does actually exist, I would figure small size would be one of the risk factors. But I don't know anything.

Is he worth a likely early 2024 first? (ETA: In, what I would call, a "RB-centric" league where RB makes up 40-60% of your RB-WR-TE slots)

12-team, 20-man, PPR, QRRWWFKD
6 pts all TD's, yardage bonus at 300/150/150

The pick in question currently sits at #1 pick, one team is tied with him but has 50 more points. (The caveat here is that he is in an extremely weak division, and if he wins out he has a decent shot to win it, or even if he finishes 2-1 he may make the playoffs.) The Achane owner has asked what I would want for that pick. Thinking of offering straight up, but I don't think he would do it unless he's worried about the injuries too.
tl;dr: likely #1-3 pick for something like #7 + #10 + #19 + #22 pick? Which would you rather have? I think I'll probably just hold that pick.

Okay, so, new question about this high pick (which the more I'm looking at it, he actually would have to win out 3-0 to not be a top-5 pick). The last couple weeks I have offered a guy who has 2 firsts and 2 seconds -- both likely mid-to-late -- I have offered him that high pick for all 4 of those picks. Thise offers were rejected (though he did offer back the 4 picks for Bijan). Each week my pick looks higher and his picks look lower. But now I'm not sure if I would even offer that again, because his picks are very likely both playoff teams -- so, if I took a stab at it, I'd say they end up #7, #10, #19, #22. Those seconds just don't really move the needle much if they're that low, and I don't think a likely top 2, possible #1, is quite worth it.

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