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Early Best Ball ADP and results (Post your team) (1 Viewer)


I've done a couple of the $35 FFPC satellite best balls and one of the MFL10s so far this offseason. I have a bunch of the $35 credits, but as I have argued in the past, I really like doing these $10 best balls and I use them as others might use mock drafts on various platforms. I think live results are more meaningful than mocks, and over the course of the last 4 years of doing this, they have paid for themselves. I find it an invaluable research aid. Some people say ABD. Always be drafting. I like tweaking my draft strategies for cheap like this and seeing what kind of a team can I put together from an early/middle/late draft position, and adjust as we move through the offseason so that come August I am sharp for my big leagues. It has served me well these past 3 years.

2017 - I bought into 9 of these for $90 and cashed out $130.
2018 - Bought into 24 for $240 and cashed out $315.
2019 - Bought into 35 for $350 and cashed out $610.

I've usually used 4-7 of those $35 credits (or a couple that I've bought into) and each year and won one $350 FBG FPC entry each of the last two years.

Anyway for what it's worth here is an early March look at what a possible team construction could look like from the 4 hole:

Goff, Tannehill, Minshew
Drake (and Edmonds), CEH, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, KeShawn Vaughan
Michael Thomas, Evans, McLaurin, Slayton, Corey Davis, Claypool, TreQuan Smith
Andrews, Fant
Chicago, Houston

And these are from the $35 credits (FFPC rules so 1.5 PPR for TE)
From the 6 spot:

Brees, Carr, Foles
Kamara, Mack, Dobbins, Henderson, Scott, Scarborough, Armstead, Gibson
Godwin, AJ Brown, Woods, Lamb*, Higgins*, Bryan Edwards (before he got hurt), TreQuan Smith, JJAW
Goedert, Jonnu Smith, Ebron, Allie-Cox
Bears, Eagles
Prater, Myers, Gano

*had CPU issue and autodrafted here - wasn't my intention to take them there (I think it was 8th and 9th round perhaps)

From the 1 spot:

Mahomes, Minshew, Foles, Carr
CMC, David Johnson, Moss, Henderson, Scott, Armstead, Penny
Evans, Sutton, Chark, Deebo, Watkins, Corey Davis, JJAW, Bryan Edwards (before injury)
Higbee, Herndon, Jonnu Smith, Allie-Cox
Eagles, Panthers
Haushka, Maher, Santos

From the 9 spot:

Rodgers, Cam
Conner, CEH, Henderson, Coleman, Scott, Samuels, Gibson
Nuk, Tyreek, Deebo, McLaurin, Slayton, Shenault, Corey Davis, Edwards, JJAW
Waller, Herndon, Brate, Bryant, Gronk
Texans, Cardinals
McManus, Forbath, Maher

I'll hold on to doing any more of those $35 FFPC ones until after the draft, but I probably have a few of the $10 ones before then. Would love to see anyone else's bestball teams and/or thoughts.


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