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Early Doucet Signs with Seattle Seahawks (1 Viewer)

He could be gone next week or he can make the roster. Never know with the Hawks. Having the best GM in the NFL does give me faith that it he can contribute...he will stay. Its not about salary or pecking order with these guys.

Always comPETE. :heart:

I guess they need bodies.
That body is gone after 5 days.

(Rotoworld)Seahawks released WR Early Doucet.

Analysis: Doucet was signed only five days ago, but had practiced just once due to "unidentified injuries." It's safe to assume he would have lasted at least one preseason game on the roster had he been healthy. Doucet's 2012 was marred by injury, including concussion issues. Considering his dead silent market before Seattle came calling, Doucet could have a hard time finding a new home.


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