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Early Season Team Overhauls (1 Viewer)

Are you happy with your moves?

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I know roster sizes will differ, but I thought it would be interesting to see who hasn't sat around while their record stretched to 0-5 or 1-4 this early in the FF season.

I just finished another trade and only have 6/16 players remaining from draft night on a team that is 2-3 with the 2 wins coming in the last 2 weeks. I am traditionally a conservative owner, but I've aggressively sought to overhaul my team this year including dealing my 1st round pick (R.Moss).

Gone are Bulger, T.Jones, E.James, J.Stewart, T.Hightower, R.Moss, M.Colston, Ginn, Curry, Seattle

Added are J.Campbell, Barber, Slaton, McFadden, R.Wayne, A.Gonzalez, Crayton, L.Moore, Z.Miller, Bills

We'll see how it works out.

How many of you have completely overhauled your teams thus far?

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Nice poll. I am surprised to see just how different my team is now from draft day. I have moved nine of seventeen drafted players.

Gone: Turner, T Jones, Driver, McNabb, Z Miller, Mo Morris, Sid Rice, Andre Hall, Dawson

Added: R. Brown, Lynch, S. Smith, Cooley, Berrian, Betts, Prater, Schaub, Shockey

I basically traded depth for upgrades at weaker positions.

Modest moves: 1 trade (essentially Slaton for AJohnson), and although I've kept the core of my team intact, I've made a number of waiver moves.

Draftedt: Slaton, CHenry, Branch, Morgan

Replaced with: AJohnson, Morris, Benson, Frerotte

Looks like I have the most :confused: 12/15 of my players gone!


QB: Palmer, Rodgers, Schaub

RB: MJD, LJ, Chris Johnson, Chester Taylor

WR: Fitzgerald, Colston, Chad Johnson, Kevin Walter, Mark Clayton

TE: Scheffler

K: Rackers

D: Baltimore








Traded before the season started (no trades since):

Palmer/L. Johnson/Taylor for Brees/Ryan Grant

Fitzgerald/Rodgers/Chad Johnson for Owens/Bush

My team now:

QB: Brees, Garrard (FA)

RB: Bush, MJD, Chris Johnson, Grant, Torian (FA)

WR: Owens, Colston, Berrian (WW), V. Jackson (FA), Lance Moore (FA)

TE: Owen Daniels (WW)

K: Prater


Move 1 (after week 1): Drop Burleson. Add Galloway. (needed a WR due to Burleson injury, S.Smith suspension for Wk2)

Moves 2&3 (after week 2): Drop Edwards, Gostkowski. Add Rodgers, Prater. (QB upgrade, kicker move for salary cap reasons)

Trade 1 (prior week 5): Give Palmer, Cotchery. Get Delhomme, Welker. (Thought Palmer was likely out last weekend, my other QB was on a bye, didn't want to use another move, also needed a WR with Cotchery on bye - figured I was giving up a little to have a better chance last week - worked out well)

Move 4 (Wednesday): Drop Galloway. Add Colston. Colston was only available due to limited roster sizes, his injury, and bye-week issues among owners.

Nothing earth-shaking, but my team has improved. At the cost of 4 of my 7 add/drops, however.

Dropped Burleson, K. Walter, and Ricky Williams, and Kris Brown.

Added Michael Bush, Bobby Engram, Panthers D, and Prater.

Overall I'm happy, mostly because Prater is BY FAR the #1 kicker in my league. But I've screwed myself playing DTBC - I'd be way ahead if I just started GB every week (just got Panthers this week, before that it was Buff); and I'd rather have Walter than Robert Meachem (the guy I kept instead of him) at this point.

Week 1: Moved Heap, Kevin Smith for Winslow

Week 1: Moved Roddy White for Colston

Week 3: Moved Steve Slaton for Chad Johnson

The Slaton move looks like I lost thus far, won't lie. He was my RB4, but probably a better option than Thomas Jones at RB3. My only move I regret right now.

There have been other WW moves but nothing that significant (i.e.: Walter, McClain, Prater, Tenn D).

I've moved 12 of 16 original players in my PPR league. I've been a little out of control with the trades this season, but I'm extremely happy with the results. Yeah, my league is a little fishy. Sorry, this ended up being longer than I planned.


QB: Jay Cutler, Kurt Warner

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, Ryan Grant, Earnest Graham, Ricky Williams, LenDale White, Steve Slaton

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Jericho Cotchery, Marvin Harrison, Javon Walker

TE: Heath Miller

K: Adam Vinatieri

D: Arizona


After Week 2:

-Traded LT, Harrison and Miller for Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson

-Added John Carlson from waiver wire

-Dropped Vinatieri, added Matt Prater from waiver wire

-Dropped Arizona, added Buffalo from waiver wire

-Dropped Walker, added Michael Bush from waiver wire

-Dropped Ricky Williams, added Matt Jones from waiver wire

After Week 3:

-Traded Warner for Jamal Lewis

-Traded Slaton, White and Jones for Clinton Portis and Chris Cooley

-Added Bobby Engram from waiver wire

After Week 4:

-Traded Grant and Graham for Joseph Addai

-Added Cedric Benson from waiver wire

After Week 5:

-Traded Addai, Calvin Johnson and Carlson for Marshawn Lynch, Terrell Owens and Owen Daniels

-Dropped Michael Bush, added Roethlisberger from waiver wire

-Dropped Buffalo, added NY Jets from waiver wire

Current Roster:

QB: Jay Cutler, Ben Roethlisberger

RB: Reggie Bush, Clinton Portis, Marshawn Lynch, Jamal Lewis, Cedric Benson

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, Jericho Cotchery, Bobby Engram

TE: Chris Cooley, Owen Daniels

K: Matt Prater

D: NY Jets

7 out of 20 gone.

Shown the Door

Maurice Morris

Bryant Johnson

Andre Hall

Champ Bailey

Mike Peterson

Antonio Bryant

Kris Brown

Currently in those Roster Spots

Cedric Benson

Deion Branch

Jeremy Shockey

Lawyer Milloy

Jerod Mayo

Matt Jones

John Kasay

Only one I MIGHT wish I could take back is Antonio Bryant.

Also little worried about MoMo, but he's still an FA, so no prob . . . yet . . .

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