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Edge to possibly be inactive? Harrison to start? (1 Viewer)


Smells like chicken
at football diehards.com:INDIANAPOLIS COLTS UPDATE lHARRISON NOW LIKELY TO START; JAMES NOW LIKELY TO BE HELD OUT... . Compiled by FootballDiehards Editor Bob Harris Bob Harris | Posted Friday December 30, 2005 @ 12:47 PT According to the Associated Press, Marvin Harrison likely will return to the Colts' starting lineup for the season finale against the Cardinals. Edgerrin James might get the day off.Harrison missed last week's 28-13 road loss to the Seattle Seahawks with a broken bone in his right hand that he hurt against San Diego two weeks ago.After missing practice last week and sitting out Wednesday and Thursday this week, it was beginning to look like he wouldn't be back until the Colts' first playoff game in two weeks.But Harrison was able to go through limited drills Friday."The hand is pretty good. It reminds me of earlier in the year when I hurt my wrist," Harrison said after Friday's practice. "Today I wanted to get out here and practice. Not necessarily for the game Sunday but practice in preparations for the first playoff game."The seven-time Pro Bowler said while he doesn't need to play this week, he wouldn't mind getting in for a series or two against the Cardinals.Despite wearing a protective cover on his hand, Harrison ran some routes with quarterback Peyton Manning separately from the team and then ran a couple with backup Jim Sorgi."I did everything we would normally do on Friday," he said. "It's up to me at this point."Head coach Tony Dungy thinks Harrison will be in the starting lineup Sunday, along with Manning and receiver Reggie Wayne."If he doesn't have any setbacks, I think he's going to want to play. And if he does, we'll probably start him with the first group," Dungy said. "I think he wants to catch the ball a little bit in a game situation."It's a different story for James, who was expected to be a game-time decision. James is not injured, but might get a rest as the Colts prepare for the playoffs.Dungy said James feels good and is "ready to play as much as we want him to."But Dungy would like backup Dominic Rhodes to get some carries, as well Kory Chapman. James could be inactive, depending on the rest of the Colts' injuries, Dungy said.

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This is from the colts website:JAMES A GAME-TIME DECISION: The playing status of Colts running back Edgerrin James has yet to be determined, Dungy said. Although James is not on the injury report, Dungy said it wasn’t yet certain if James will play against Arizona Sunday. He played the first half against Seattle last Saturday, then did not play most of the second half. In a game meaningless to the Colts’ playoff seeding at the end of last season, James played the first series against Denver in the season finale before leaving. “It’s hard to say,” Dungy said. “He may start the game and play with the first group or we may keep him down and let (reserve running back) Dominic (Rhodes) play with the first group. It probably will be a game-time situation. He feels good and he’s ready to play. “He doesn’t like to play if he’s not really going to play and get out there and get involved. We have some things we can do. We want to see (reserve running back) Kory Chapman. He hasn’t been able to play all year, and we want to get Dominic some carries. We’ll see how it does.”


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