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Electric Scooter Suggestions (1 Viewer)


Alright - it is time for the Christmas shopping to begin, and my wife has informed me that for our soon to be 11 year old, we will finally get him an electric scooter as he has been asking for one for quite a while and a number of his friends have them.

So, now that I have hit analysis paralysis trying to figure out the best fit for our/his needs, I thought I'd turn to the collective FFA wisdom for input/recommendations.

Even though he will only be 11, he is a big kid - about 5'4" and 130ish, so the intro Razor 100 won't cut it based on reviews. Add in that we live in a hilly area, so I've already concluded that I need something rated for a rider of at least 200ish pounds and decent capability for climbing hills. I'm mixed on air filled tires vs. hard tires, prefer the idea of additional safety features like a headlight/tail/brake light, and don't believe I'm particularly concerned with other bells/whistles like apps/bluetooth connectivity. Preference is for a standing/kick scooter. He will primarily be using this to get around the neighborhood to play with friends.

Ideally, I'd like to stay in the  $300 or sub-$300 range, but don't mind creeping a little over that if necessary. I'm familiar with Razor and Segway as brands, but on Amazon and a few review sites I'm seeing GOTRAX, Hiboy and Xiaomi pop up, but not being familiar with them was a bit hesitant without some first hand accounts.

I was considering the Razor E200 as it is discounted to $189 at Amazon right now, but reviews indicate it struggles with hills which knocks it a peg for me, though the price is right. The E300 though is $359, which pushes the upper bounds of what I'd be willing to spend, but I don't know if it is worth the difference from the E200.

Segway ES1L is an option, but reviews are a bit mixed on the quality and how well it handles hills. At $299, it is at the top of my ideal budget.

So, any of you either have one of these or any other recommendation for me to consider, I would appreciate it.  (I've also been told for my 14 year old, she wants to get him a motorized longboard, so suggestions on those also welcome, though I've done no searching myself yet)


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