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Eli & Plax both in for big games (1 Viewer)


ESPN's Rachel Nichols reports that the Giants plan to use the deep ball "extensively" Sunday against the Rams.St. Louis was torched by long balls in Week 1 by the Eagles. Upgrade Plaxico Burress and Eli Manning, both of whom are virtual "must starts."
:confused: reporting what rachel nichols says about FFL now?
What are you saying...that female's can't report on football news??
It really doesn't matter what she reports. Do you really think she has any clue what the Giants gameplan will be? The Giants aren't going to come out and say what they plan to do. She's speculating and her guess is as good as any of ours. Obviously, given what happened last week to the Rams, she's making a pretty logical guess.
It is like gbill has an attention quota each day and just keeps making threads until enough people give in.

I own Plax and get the feeling he will have a decent day, but I am not expecting the monster game some are predicting. No data to back it up, but it seems when the stars are aligned for some wr's, they don't have those big weeks. This is the NFL and I expect the Rams to improve some on their pass defense. Logic says that if the Eagles wr's could have big days, why not Plax? I agree with this logic, but I could see the Giants getting a comfortable lead and running the ball a lot as well. Sometimes I feel the game situation is more important than the opposing secondary. If the Rams jump out to an early lead, this should bode well for Plax. Not sure if this is going to happen, but who knows?


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