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Ellington or Christine Michael in a keeper/dynasty (1 Viewer)


Who do you like better? Also here is my dilemma I have

Spiller,Wilson,Moreno,Bell and Christine and of I were to pick up Ellington I would have to drop one. Now in our league I put Spiller on IR so I have room and that Room was to Grab Brown(giants) and then when Spiller came back stash Brown on the IR so when he comes back I have him and Wilson but I could forget about Brown and pick up Ellington for the week and if he plays well then decide on him. What should I do.

Drop them both. They stink.
Give him a break dude. He just joined and has 6 posts.

To the OP You're better off posting the in the AC (assistant commish) forum. Posters in the shark pool get their panties in a bunch when people as questions about how to mange their team in the shark pool.

To answer your question though, I think Ellington is a better stah than Andre brown in a keeper/dynasty. But not Christine michael.


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