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Elliott vs Barkley (1 Viewer)


ten team ppr league.  Pick number 3.

Is Elliott the obvious choice over Barkley?

I don't know.  I just have a feeling about Barkley.  Like I'm passing up something special because Elliott is ranked above him even though we all know that rankings don't account for how the season will actually play out.

Who would you all take?  Elliott or Barkley?

this past sunday I took Elliott over DJ and then DJ was selected ; Barkley was picked next over Brown.

I'm a Giants fan, and I hope Barkley finishes as the best RB in the league and the Super Bowl MVP, having said that, I took what I knew I've seen on Sundays over what I hope to see on Sundays... At the end of the day, who cares really. You can't predict injuries, or how Elliott will react to his offensive line changes.. All I know is every year even when things seem so clear, it doesn't mean it will go as planned. You react and adjust as needed. Throw out the list and rankings, Take who You want or prefer and at least you can live with your choices.. OR if you are more the blaming type, go stiricky by the list and take whoever is at the top and you can just yell at the list maker..lol 

Just be happy you are picking at the top and not trying to decide between Gordon, Cook, McCaffery, Hopkins etc...


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