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Emergency plane landing. Lands safely. Post Malone? (1 Viewer)


A plane, reportedly containing rapper Post Malone, blew two tires after taking off from a New Jersey airport and is being forced to make an emergency landing in New York.

Jim Peters, a spokesperson with the Federal Aviation Administration, told Variety in a statement that a Gulfstream Aerospace GLF-4 aircraft blew two tires as it took off from the runway at the Teterboro Airport at about 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday. The aircraft was carrying 16 passengers, and was originally heading to the London Luton Airport in Luton, England.

TMZ reports that Malone, who had performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night, is aboard the private plane. After it was made known that the tires had blown on the runway, the pilot rerouted the jet for the Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Mass. However, Peters later updated Variety that it was being diverted again to the Stewart International Airport in New York.
They've been flying in circles to drain fuel for a few hours now. Emergency landing coming soon. Didn't know who Post Malone was but hope he's safe.

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Worst live feed ever.  They missed the actual landing, and now the plane stopped right behind the only building on the airfield.  
The cameraman didn't even notice the cop that he was focused on was looking at the landing through binoculars.

Yahoo comments are the best. I saw this one earlier today when I was like, who?

”I think we can all agree the pilot needs to take one for the team here.”

I forget where I saw it the other day, but saw a good meme on Post Malone. Something to the effect of:

For all these teenage girls in love with Post Malone, do they know they can go find a Post Malone working behind the counter at any Waffle House?  :lmao:  
not sure he even meets waffle house's standards


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