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End of Recycling (1 Viewer)


Not really a political topic, but I'm sure it will tangent into that.  Unless you're drinking all of your beer from a keg (and I don't see many craft beer kegs), you're part of the problem. 

Where I work, they discontinued recycling a few months ago.  Still have it at home, but they may just be burning it anyway.
I used to work at MSU for the grounds dept. When I worked there, we would put any brush we collected into a huge pile and 1-2 a year it would get turned into mulch, which we then used around campus landscaping. 

From what I understand, they now buy their mulch. The brush/pallets collected now go to the incinerator (MSU has their own power plant.) This was done as part of an effort to make more of our energy come from renewable resources. Bureaucracy at its finest. 

Although I feel the "man-made" climate change is a farce that has been predicting gloom and doom in ways that literally, change with the weather....I do see the benefit of recycling.  It only makes sense.

Hell, most people do not realize that they can recycle diapers and condoms simply by turning them inside-out after their first use.


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