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Entry deadline Sept 5th, Fantasy Football Draft (1 Viewer)


Over $30,000 in total prizes

The First Place Prize is $7,000

Entry deadline is Wednesday 5pm EST Wednesday, September 5th.

Last year better than 1 in 3 contestants won a prize!

Season prizes are awarded to the contestants with the most points accumulated by their players during the regular season.

This excludes the playoffs.

[*]First place - $7,000

[*]Second place - $5,000

[*]Third place - $2,000

[*]Fourth place - $1,000

[*]Fifth place - $500

[*]6th thru 10th place - $400 each

[*]11th thru 15th place - $200 each

[*]16th thru 25th place - $100 each

[*]26th thru 50th place - $50 gift certificate each

[*]51st thru 100th place - $30 gift certificate each

[*]101st thru 200th place - $20 gift certificate each

[*]Last place overall $200

Monthly Prizes

Monthly prizes are awarded to the contestants with the most points accumulated by their team of players during the month. Competition for the monthly prizes starts with everyone on an equal basis each month. Each contestant therefore has an equal opportunity to win monthly prizes, regardless of their season standings.

15 Prizes Each Month

[*]First place - $300

[*]Second place - $250

[*]Third place - $200

[*]Fourth place - $150

[*]Fifth place - $100

[*]6th thru 15th places $50 gift certificate each

Monthly Prize Periods are:

[*]September 5th - October 1st

[*]October 4th - 29th

[*]November 1st - 26th.

[*]November 29th - December 30th.

Offering $50,000 in Bonus Prizes

Enter 4 paid entries or more, then the first entry you post will be your special bonus entry, if your special entry wins one of the top 50 end of season prizes we will add $1,000 to that prize!

Example: If your special bonus entry is in 50th place you win $1,050, instead of only $50. If entering by mail or fax, check the box on 1 entry only when entering the minimum 4 or more entries. Note: checking the box on more than 1 entry will make all entries ineligible for this special.

Note; gift certificates can NOT be used for payment for this special bonus offer.

Nowhere else can an entry win $1,050 for 50th Place!


Points are awarded to contestants for the performance of their players in games played during the regular NFL season.

This excludes the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Points are awarded in the following categories:

Quarterbacks, Running backs, Receivers, Tight Ends:

[*]6 points: per touchdown pass.

[*]6 points: per touchdown rush.

[*]6 points: per touchdown reception.

[*]6 points: per touchdown return.

[*]1 point: per 25 yards passing.

[*]1 point: per 10 yards rushing. (Kickoff and punt return yardage does not count.)

[*]1 point: per 10 yards receiving.

[*]1 point: per reception. (No points are awarded to Quarterbacks for number of completions.)

[*]2 points: per two point conversion. ( note: must be a pass, run or reception.)

Points for passing, rushing and receiving will be rounded to the nearest one-tenth of a point. Examples Below:

240 yards passing = 9.6 points

168 yards rushing = 16.8 points

111 yards receiving = 11.1 points

by rounding the the nearest one-tenth we have yet to have a tie in the top 50 places.

Defensive and Special Teams Points:

[*]6 points: per touchdown scored by the defense, also on a kickoff or punt return.

[*]2 points: per safety.

[*]3 points each for: interception, fumble recovery, and sack.

[*](Kickoff, punt return, interception, and fumble recovery return yardage does NOT count)

[*]15 points: for a shut out

[*]7 points: 2 to 13 pts allowed

[*]4 points: 14 to 23 pts allowed

New Contestant Entry Fees

As a celebration of our 20th anniversary your entry fees have been discounted as follows.

New Contestant entry fees in the US;

Fees are: $35 for the 1st entry and each additional entry is $25.

To receive this special discount entry fee make sure you check the box after the question:

Check if you are a past contestant from 2000 to 2012 or a new contestant:

The regular entry fees were: $50 for the 1st entry and each additional entry is $45.

New contestants that do not have a U.S. mailing address

Fees are: $50 for the 1st entry and each additional entry is $45, in US Funds.

Enter 5 paid entries, then your 6th entry is free, thus 6 entries for $135.

For online entry form and more information go to: http://www.sportsdra...ll/fb-entry.htm


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