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Erasmus James (1 Viewer)


I've searched for news on James , but haven't found anything since his signing. My impression is that he will probably rotate with Scott. Can anyone add any news or thoughts?

ahhh the mighty erasmus...he is not a starter yet, currently darrion scott is the starter at right end. still has a lot to learn because he didn't sign until late, even he has admitted such. will likely rotate with scott and play nickel downs. he will be manning the right end spot which will draw him against the left tackle (usually the best lineman for the opposing team). he did get in a sack couple weeks ago tho.Udeze on the other hand is playing extremely well. here is a quote from him on how he feels this offseason vs last:

"(This year) feels like being in college again," Udeze said."There was no wall in college, man. I just did it," he said. "It was almost effortless. You're a little more athletically gifted than everyone else, and it's easy."
James expects to see some time in third-down situations Sunday, but it remains to be seen how much he will play."[He's] not to the point where I would package him like I would Troy," Tice said. "I think [James] has got a ways to go and more than physically, too. I'm not disappointed in him but he is lagging right now. But he's going to be a great player. I really believe that. He's got natural body lean and quickness off the ball. It's just that right now he's lagging. The other guys are head and heels above him right now."Said defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell: "Ras is progressing. He still needs a little bit of work on his technique. He's talented, and we expect some things from him to help us this year."

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