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Ertz for Wilson and Rudolph? (1 Viewer)


10 team PPR league. Before our keeper deadline I was torn between keeping Ertz in the 6th or Wilson in the 7th. I ended up keeping Ertz and trading away Wilson to move up 12 spots into the 5th round and Marlon Mack a 16th round keeper. Now I'm being offered Wilson and Rudolph 13th round keeper for Ertz and a late round pick. Should I bite? I'm picking 3rd overall and will have Bell, DJ, Zeek or AB to choose from and my other keeper is Fournette in the 3rd. I don't think Ertz will outperform Rudolph by very much given Cousins is now his QB. Just curious what others think.

I concur, I think Ertz will probably have some regression and be close to Rudolph however even so I don't know if I'd pull the trigger on it since I also think Wilson will have some regression as well given the state of Seattle's receiving corp and capable rb's.


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