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ESPN 12 team PPR League. $40. 100% payout through leaguesafe. (1 Viewer)


Bragging rights DFW is in its 13th season. 12 team, 100% payout through leaguesafe. We need 5 more to fill the league.

This is a fun, exciting, high scoring PPR fantasy football league. Weekly team scores will be 450-650 range. The scoring system is more fun than the traditional system.

$40 buy-in, 100% payout through Leaguesafe. 1st: $220 2nd: $130 3rd: $90.  Winner of the losers bracket: $40. 

Snake Draft will be Thursday, Sept 2 at 9PM EST

Email me at genesisgkh@tx.rr.com if interested. Thanks.

League settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=177023


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