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ESPN - $50 LEAGUE starting Week two (1 Viewer)


Draft would need to be on Wednesday at 10:00 or 10:30. ESPN $50 paypal or leaguesafe. Majority vote. I run many leagues for baseball and a couple for football and many guys would rather do paypal, so keep an open mind.

Settings: http://games.espn.go...eagueId=1485185

By the looks of it, we have a base of 4. Would like to do 12. Rules are slightly negotiable. I like PPR, so I guess on this we would have to do majority vote. If you leave me an email, I will invite you to the league.

Last chance to correct all your previous drafting errors!


Guys, we are up to about 8. Looking for 2-4 more. Need some action on this. Also, make sure you join if you get an invitation.


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