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ESPN elimination league (survivor concept) has 10 owners, seeks a few more. PPR, Superflex, one IDP. $50 LeagueSafe buy-in. (1 Viewer)


Basic concept is simple--it's a points league but H2H matchup results don't matter. Lowest scoring team each week is eliminated, and those players then go in the waiver pool. Each team has limited number of waiver claims, so you have to manage them carefully.

Here are the settings:


Draft is set for Tuesday, Sept 4 at 7PM EST. There is some wiggle room there, but not a lot.

Based on 16 teams, I am proposing paying out $450 to the winner, $250 for 2nd place and $100 for third, but am open to modifying that if the majority wants something different.

If interested, please respond to  FrankL69@aol.com


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