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I'm in a 12 team league run on ESPN. I have no dog in the fight... I am also not the commish. I went there to see how other teams were doing tonight with the MNF game as there were a few close games from week #1 where the results of the game changed and the winner changed from one team to the next. So the results of two games were altered in the middle of week #4.

I came across it once... but where can u find the the stat correction page for espn fantasy football?

This seems way wrong, I understand taking a loss on a stat correction on Friday or so of the following week, but 3 weeks later and i'd be pissed.

I agree.. like I said none of the teams are mine. Seems they removed the stat correction link from our league web site. A few of the teams went from 2-1 to 1-2 in a very competitive league. I would be pissed too!

I was just wondering if anyone else is or had the same problem.

"Scores are not official until Saturday afternoon"

I guess they never state which saturday.


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