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ESPN Free PPR Funhouse League for Active and Competitive (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the Ultimate Fantasy Funhouse!

I’m currently looking for nine extremely active and competitive owners to join in on a free PPR Offensive Players Only league on ESPN. I have no issue with people who play in fantasy football leagues for money, but that isn’t for me. I thoroughly enjoy the fun of creating a draft board, drafting a team, interacting with other owners, plotting out a strong lineup every week based on matchups and recent player performances. I do it for free because I love it. Finding free leagues with owners who are just as active and committed to the fun as I am can be tricky though, so I decided to start my own. 

Draft will be Saturday, August 18 at 9:00 PM ET

The league will have offensive players only since I currently play in a keeper league that has adopted this type of roster and I enjoy it very much. I’ve modified their roster format to have a little more fun in our league, but the roster requirements are somewhat similar and will be listed below:

1 QB (4 Max)

2 RB (10 Max)

2 WR (10 Max)

1 TE (4 Max)


9 Bench Spots

I’ve played in 3 receiver leagues and find they aren’t as fun, so I opted for a second flex spot to add more options as far as lineups go.

If you’re an active and competitive owner who’s dedicated to fantasy football and looking to join a league with other likeminded owners for a season full of fun and games, drop your email below, brainstorm for the most clever/witty team name you can find, and await your invite!

NOTICE: If you join the league and prove to be inactive, you will be removed. Nobody likes a party pooper.

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i like it, if you still need players sign me up.  looks like a pretty straight forward league!  Lonepeak74@aol.com



All invites have been sent, thanks for the interest. Six spots left after you three join, anyone else who’s interested be sure to drop your email and I’ll send the invite ASAP.



I really hope you get some more teams...

hey guys, my son, who's in a couple of leagues that i'm in, is interested in joining.....   dmes0603@gmail.com



Sent over the email for him to hop in. Thought we only needed six more people, turns out we need six after he joins. Anyone interested in getting in on the fun please drop your email so I can add you for the Draft tonight.



Invite has been sent my friend. Draft is currently rescheduled for Sunday the 19th at 8:00 P.M. ET and we currently have two spots left to fill.


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