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ESPN League Expanding to 16 teams in 2019 - Redraft, auction, PPR, Serious Owners - Themed, Professional League (1 Viewer)


The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is EXPANDING from 12 to 16 teams in 2019 going into its 4th season - we are an ESPN re-draft auction league featuring PPR scoring. 

Our League Frameworks have recently been updated and improved to enable more teams to walk away with big money each year. Additionally, in order to strengthen the foundation which we built ourselves on we have improved our rules and expectations for participation as well.

SOME Important Details (more info to be found by clicking link below😞

$250 BUY-IN: many ways for an owner to win money including a unique Empire-style pot;

THEME REQUIREMENTS: the "Ordinary Gentleman: theme permeates the League and its Frameworks with team names, trophies and professionally designed team logos a requirement of all teams;

DEDICATED COMMISSIONER AND OWNERS: this League operates on the premise that longevity starts with by a community not simply focusing on winning and losing and staying anonymous. Set-it-and-Forget-it doesn't work here.

GROUPME: we have constant chatter in our league. All members are required to download the GroupMe app, join the League chat and stay in touch throughout the year. All group communication filters through this app.

UNIQUE RULES AND EXPECTATIONS: click the link to see the details in our Frameworks and to fill out a brief Application for a Franchise!


Please ask if you have any questions!


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