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[ESPN] WED 9/7 9PM EDT - $50 Leaguesafe (Majority Approval), Snake, PPR, 10-Team, 2-Win, SUPERFLEX + 2 FLEX, No K or DST (1 Viewer)


One last time before the season starts!

6 Spots Left!

10 Team, PPR, Snake, 2-Win, SUPERFLEX + 2 FLEX and No K or DST, 6 team playoffs and rolling wavers


Payouts are: First Place: $275, Second Place: $125, Third Place: $50, Best Regular Season Record: $50

Once you pay on Leaguesafe, there will be a ESPN league invite link on the receipt page: https://leaguesafe.com/join/4066609

PM me or email me at heliosphann@yahoo.com if you have any questions
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